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Darren Guarnaccia - Composable Roadshow
Darren Guarnaccia
Posted on Jan 22, 2024

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Achieving digital transformation with Uniform and Kruso | webinar recap

To kick off the new year, we hosted a webinar with Niels Simonsen Brinkø, global chief technology officer and partner at Kruso, on how the visual workspace and trusted partners enable a more flexible digital experience stack. Jump below for takeaways from our insightful conversation, as well as some useful tips on how to embrace composability—the practice of breaking down large, complex systems into smaller, more manageable components—in your organization. 

Documentation is key on the road to composability 

Many brands think about going composable but wonder if it’s worth the effort or if composability is the right fit for their company. 
However, Niels offered some advice to brands still on the fence. “Anyone can run a composable stack. But it requires you to set aside the resources internally to understand what’s going on [in your organization].” 
For example, if your marketing team uses generative AI for content creation, documenting your policies, standards, and procedures—what’s also known as content governance—can avoid duplicating content and wasting money on one-off projects. A front-end experience solution such as a visual workspace will not only centralize access to your AI service, corporate guidelines, and other content, it can also seamlessly connect the different tools in your composable stack. 

Start small in order to go bigger (and better) later

Often, we talk about the “crawl-walk-run” format when going composable—leveraging technologies, content, and data to transform business processes, systems, and, ultimately, your customer experiences. But what does that look like in practice? 
We offered a few ideas on how to incorporate such an approach to true composability:  
  1. Crawl: Start small—Begin with a proof-of-concept (PoC) instead of an expensive “big bang” replatform. Partnering with an agency such as Kruso can guide you through the agile and incremental changes of a composable migration. 
  2. Walk: Leverage enterprise systems through a visual workspace—Integrate best-of-breed technologies to meet evolving customer and business needs. With a composable architecture in place, a visual workspace gives you front-end capabilities and the ability to easily replace and keep defunct elements in your tech stack without interrupting your customer experience. 
  3. Run: Scale your experience creation and delivery process—Focus on establishing content governance and a center of excellence that identifies roles, responsibilities, and tools, as well as best practices for improving and iterating your experience management process. 
Building big platforms composed of integrations that are complex—or not complex enough—at the “walk” phase of your project can lead to serious issues, from implementing a single source of truth to determining content ownership. Rather, start with a PoC (e.g., a mobile app, microsite, etc.) that allows you to experiment while upgrading or leaving essential systems in place. 

Consider your long-term strategy when going composable

If you’re a digital leader who wants to embark on the composable journey but doesn’t know where or how to start, Niels recommended these steps:
  1. Identify the problems you’re trying to solve through a composable strategy. Understanding your digital teams’ pain points, your company’s systems and processes, and the business objectives you want to accomplish set you on a path where composable becomes a strategic competitive advantage for your brand. 
  2. Evaluate your long-term strategy. What are your unique requirements? Do you need to shift your business model? Assess your market and build a business case to pinpoint what you’ll gain with a composable architecture and how you’ll get there. 
  3. Reach out to your network to see what industry counterparts are doing. Find peers and vendors you trust who can serve as coaches and mentor you along the way.
As you mix and match technologies in your stack, your roadmap will illuminate how composability enables faster speed to market, empowers digital teams, and generates value for customers. 

Discover how Uniform and Kruso can help you optimize your digital experience stack

As you travel the path toward composability, your journey should lead to one destination: equipping digital teams with cutting-edge tools for launching the fastest omnichannel experiences possible. The Uniform Visual Workspace, combined with the unparalleled experience of our solution partners, can help you activate and elevate a composable stack that adds agility and scalability to your organization. 
Watch the replay of “Your digital transformation strategy: the power of Uniform and Kruso” to learn about our partnership with Kruso and how we can help you reap the rewards of digital transformation.