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No code, all control with the Uniform Visual Workspace. Empower business teams to tell their stories independently and control their own omnichannel workflows using every connected service.

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See exactly what you’re publishing from every source—no matter the screen size or personalization setup.
No more ‘publish and pray’
Say goodbye to endless tabs and content stuck in silos! Uniform gives you the power to orchestrate in a single interface. And it's even easier with Uniform Content Management.
Build with everything
Business users can use every front-end component and variation in the design library to ensure your message lands right—without a developer. And with Uniform A/B testing, you can ensure you have the right message.
Make it look perfect
Build and publish to the web, apps, email campaigns or wherever your customers are. The Visual Workspace lets you build great experiences for every channel.
One interface; every channel

Project Map

Headless content can be challenging for marketers to work with—there’s no story or structure. Project Map organizes compositions to give you the full context of your user’s journey, and makes it easy to find content that can be deployed to accelerate workflows. All without impacting your technical flexibility or CMS, especially with Uniform Content Management.


Control every detail

Great digital experiences need amazing copy and the perfect layout. Uniform puts the front-end control options back in the business teams’ hands by allowing as many components and variations as they need and the design team will support. That means marketers have more freedom, but always stay on brand, even when it comes to personalization.

Complete component control

By separating front-end components from the data powering them, Uniform Visual Workspace empowers Marketing teams to get creative and build pages faster. For example, a product carousel can easily be remapped to show speakers for an event, removing the dependency on design and engineering to build a new component—reducing your cost and speed to deliver great pages. Plus, digital teams can easily run A/B tests, ensuring they always use the best components.


Secure Access Control

Granular roles and permissions ensure that users are only given the access they need to read, edit, or publish page types they need to perform their role, providing clear lines of responsibility and workflows.

Empowered Marketers = Happy Developers

No more dreaded  “Hey, can you help me publish this?” Slack messages or unwelcome tickets. Plan sprints effectively and deliver value-add features by giving digital teams the tools they need to deliver independently.


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