A/B testing

Uniform A/B testing provides actionable data to aid in building digital customer experiences at scale. Learn and optimize conversions without sacrificing page speed or operational agility.

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Uniform A/B Testing

A/B testing tools from Uniform allow you to make data-driven decisions based on performance. Your marketing and digital teams can leverage the winning elements and strategies for improved conversion rates and customer engagement.
Learn fast, win faster
Every change counts when building digital experiences for your customers and prospects, so the more features in a single platform, the better! With Uniform, you don’t have to choose between A/B testing and Personalization
Test and Personalize in a single platform
Fast-loading sites are essential for personalized digital experiences and optimal conversion rates. Uniform A/B testing won't impact site speed or performance.
No Render-blocking
With Uniform A/B testing, you can leverage Edge Technology and your own CDN to ensure your users receive the best-performing version of your content as rapidly as possible. Thanks to the Uniform Visual Workspace, you can leverage your current integrations or build your own.
CDNs and Edge Technology

Don’t choose between A/B testing and performance again

Test, learn, and innovate to win

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A/B testing meets performance