MACH Alliance and Uniform

Empowering future-proof digital transformations through enterprise solutions.


As a certified partner of the MACH Alliance, Uniform stands proudly at the forefront of the enterprise technology evolution. The MACH Alliance's commitment to advocating for composable, open, and future-proof architecture aligns seamlessly with Uniform’s mission to empower organizations with cutting-edge technology-agnostic solutions.


Our Shared Mission

Together with the MACH Alliance, we are dedicated to enriching digital experiences with open and connected enterprise solutions. Our collective voice represents the next generation of technology and business. We actively work towards ensuring the prevalence and viability of every alternative through initiatives such as:

  • Sharing technical knowledge and expertise about MACH, highlighting its advantages over traditional enterprise suites.
  • Creating and delivering best practices that guide organizations in transitioning to a MACH architecture, using case studies and peer networking.
  • Outlining enterprise selection criteria, offering guidance on RFP processes and vendor selection criteria.
  • Publishing technical documentation and architectural blueprints showcasing how to seamlessly integrate MACH technologies.
  • Hosting events and serving as a collective resource to educate the industry on the benefits of adopting an open, cloud-native, API-first, headless architecture technology ecosystem.

Uniform's Visual Workspace: Driving Limitless Integration

The Uniform Visual Workspace is an essential resource in supporting the mission of the MACH Alliance. As a certified partner, we ensure seamless integration and unification of MACH technologies, empowering organizations to embrace the MACH architectural approach effectively. By facilitating the transition to a composable architecture, the Uniform Visual Workspace is instrumental in enabling companies to unlock the full potential of open, flexible enterprise technology ecosystems.


Experience Uniform

Join us in shaping the future of enterprise technology through the power of MACH principles and the Uniform Visual Workspace. Together, we drive innovation, adaptability, and agility, transforming the enterprise technology landscape. See for yourself today.

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