Uniform blog/AI is changing how SMBs manage digital experiences
Turner Sato
Turner Sato
Posted on Jul 9, 2024

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AI is changing how SMBs manage digital experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most transformative technologies in business and is predicted to surpass $1 trillion in revenue by 2032. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have taken note, with nearly half using AI tools to cut costs and improve their company’s bottom line.
By the same token, generative AI is proving to be a crucial differentiator for small brands that aim to deliver big results through exceptional digital experiences. However, SMBs face unique challenges that often stall AI adoption, as well as their ability to streamline digital production processes. 
Learn how AI, combined with industry-leading digital experience management, enables SMB marketers to move quickly, compete effectively, and launch campaigns independently.

Agility and speed are vital for market survival

Study after study confirms that users expect a personalized and seamless experience across channels, regardless of a company’s size or capabilities. As technology reaches new heights, over 80 percent of customers expect faster service, and nearly three-fourths expect better personalization
Yet, SMBs (including their larger industry peers) struggle to deliver speedy experiences due to a range of factors: 
  • Limited financial resources make it challenging for small companies to adopt new technologies and update their systems and tools to meet customer needs.  
  • Lack of in-house expertise, coupled with employee attrition, creates additional roadblocks to quickly adapting and taking advantage of technology trends. 
  • Manual and broken internal processes, as well as marketing-IT misalignment, hinder innovation and stall investment in digital modernization. 
Despite having smaller revenues and fewer resources, SMB marketers must still be ready to respond with winning experiences that increase online engagement and customer loyalty—or risk getting left behind. 

AI helps SMB marketers scale and accelerate content creation

For lean marketing teams, artificial intelligence is transforming how they create and deliver digital content to diverse audiences. Generative AI, from Bard to ChatGPT, allows marketers with little time and minimal resources to automate and streamline workflows while speeding up content creation. 
Marketing teams in small companies often consist of just a few people, with generalists who perform multiple functions, from public relations to social media and beyond. Acting as a virtual assistant, AI helps busy marketers draft branded materials, create visuals, and more in a fraction of the time it takes humans to complete these same tasks. 
For example, by reducing the time it takes to create campaign assets such as landing pages and images, a content specialist can focus on higher-level, strategic projects that optimize and add value to the customer experience. They can also use AI to deliver personalized copy and visuals by audience segment, which improves digital engagement and conversions. 
Given workers spend nearly half of their time on writing tasks, AI-powered content creation, combined with the flexibility of a digital experience platform, offers powerful capabilities for small and scrappy teams looking to do more with less.

AI-powered digital experience management for SMBs 

While AI has proven to result in cost savings for SMBs, without access to the full range of your organization’s content, branding guidelines, or software, it can be challenging to scale experiences effectively and affordably. 
Integrating your preferred AI services into a visual workspace—a digital experience management platform with superior front-end presentation and delivery—enables you to easily pull content from any source, and build customized, on-brand campaigns based on site visitors’ data. Whether you’re part of a marketing team that has two people or ten, a visual workspace provides full control over personalized experiences, from start to finish, while incorporating generative AI throughout the process.
Request a demo to see how the Uniform Visual Workspace amplifies SMB marketers’ ability to create AI-powered digital experiences in record time.