Uniform blog/A day in the life of an enterprise marketer — and how a visual workspace can help them succeed
adam conn
Adam Conn
Posted on Dec 1, 2023

4 min read

A day in the life of an enterprise marketer — and how a visual workspace can help them succeed

With more than three-fourths of global CEOs viewing marketing as a significant growth driver, this dynamic field is more important than ever. Likewise, brands must equip marketers with the tools to create data-driven experiences that engage across channels and align with business goals.   
What obstacles do enterprise marketers face on the path to omnichannel success, and how do technologies help or hinder them in creating and managing digital experiences? The answer lies in the visual workspace, a powerful marketing solution that empowers digital teams to push customer experiences to market fast and friction-free. 
Let’s look at the daily marketing activities that fuel digital experiences and how visual tools are vital in delivering at the speed of demand. 

Producing and publishing omnichannel content

Central to your job as a marketer is creating and publishing compelling content—text, audio, video, and everything in between—for diverse audiences in your customer base. While juggling landing pages, emails, social media posts, and other communications, you’re racing against tight deadlines to navigate between teams, departments, and workflows to perform these tasks well and on time. Without engaging content delivered at the right time, your strategy can quickly flounder and risk disappointing the customers you want to reach.  
Standing between you and success are complex, disparate backend systems that prevent you from easily crafting and quickly delivering content across channels. Because you publish through developer-friendly systems like a CMS, even minor website changes must go through IT.

How the visual workspace accelerates content creation and deployment

A visual workspace removes friction from digital production, freeing developers and marketers from dreaded backlogs and associated delays. You can create, test, and publish content freely and visually in one interface by removing technical support from day-to-day workflows. 
The visual workspace is your streamlined, all-in-one digital experience command center: 
  • Blend brand-ready components (e.g., products, reviews, FAQs, videos, photo galleries, etc.) built from content that lives across the enterprise.
  • Deliver personalized copy and images by audience segment based on behavioral data.
  • Integrate your preferred generative AI tools inside the interface to create new content or improve existing content as you build and experiment inside the visual workspace. 
  • Create visually and preview your work in real-time.
  • Publish live at will. There is no need to wait for the next engineering sprint.

Managing digital production processes and workflows

So far, you’ve made progress refining the content that will drive your campaign; however, you could move faster if all of your company’s digital assets and data systems were accessible from one place. 
For enterprise marketers, a major challenge is the lack of singular visibility and access to company-wide content and data. You often lose time jumping between systems, hunting for files tucked in folders across the organization.
Siloed content and data become a time suck for creators, forcing them to navigate multiple sources of truth, chase versions and variants, and work harder to maintain brand consistency in campaigns. 

How the visual workspace unifies access to content and data

In the visual workspace, access to all your content is centralized in one location, regardless of where it's stored. By removing barriers between your digital teams and the information driving their campaigns, you reduce the bottlenecks, manual work, and content duplication that threaten productivity.
In addition to unifying all content and data through one platform, the visual workspace ensures your content fits brand and design guidelines. Plus, you have complete control over presentation, which allows you to reuse content across pages, sites, and channels at scale. 

Using the technology you have (or want) to deliver personalized experiences

You’ve built a personalized experience with on-brand, AI-assisted content and are ready to launch.
Reaching this point wasn’t without challenges, though. You’ve overcome technological limitations, market fluctuations, and increased competition with fewer staff and company resources than before—all while meeting aggressive timelines and sales targets. 
At the top of your wish list is a solution that integrates all systems, sources, and functionality into a single tool your brand can leverage to unleash its marketing team's potential and productivity.

How the visual workspace helps digital teams excel

As the visual workspace is experience-first and vendor-agnostic, brands can connect and replace any marketing tools or elements of their tech stack without interrupting the customer experience or upending digital workflows. From integrating new or existing tools to replatforming data systems, a visual workspace maintains the front-end experience as you iterate and publish outside of greater architecture strategies on the backend. 
It's a win-win for digital teams: marketers increase speed to delivery with an all-in-one solution that reduces dependency on technical resources, and IT teams are free to plan and integrate the products that make sense.

An enterprise solution that is marketer-first  

Backend complexity and IT-reliant workflows shouldn't derail your day-to-day marketing calendar. Instead, digital teams should have a visual workspace that keeps content creation and deployment in the hands of marketers while relieving developers of nonstop marketing requests.
The visual workspace does so much more than provide all the tools and functionality to bring your creations to life in a visual preview. It combines their power with every integrated tool and system to unlock limitless potential in your creativity.
The Uniform Visual Workspace complements an experience-first approach, enabling digital teams to launch fast and flexible omnichannel experiences via their preferred workflows.
Request a demo to see first-hand how Uniform enables marketing freedom and creativity through no-code experience creation and management.