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Darren Guarnaccia - Composable Roadshow
Darren Guarnaccia
Posted on Apr 26, 2023

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Harnessing the benefits of search and composable architecture

As shopping habits and consumer expectations continue to evolve fast, agility is a paramount competitive advantage for brands to win loyal customers by bridging shoppers’ online and in-store journeys with composable architecture. During a recent webinar titled Control the Search Experience, Maximize Conversions!, Piyush Patel, chief strategic business development officer at Algolia, and I delved into the role search plays in agile omnichannel experiences and the way in which search and content work in tandem to raise conversions. 
This post summarizes the key takeaways from that conversation. 

Search is essential in an omnichannel world 

If site search is slow or, worse, nonexistent during a shopping experience, customers become frustrated or abandon their cart altogether. However, fast search alone isn’t enough to solve that problem. You must combine search with personalization based on intent signals to narrow down choices, guiding shoppers toward what they’re after or recommending products they might find enticing. 
Over the past couple of years, disruptive technologies like AI have accelerated consumer expectations for individualized, responsive escapades. Disappointingly, however, companies often implement search without fine-tuning and optimizing it after the initial build. That’s a perfect recipe for falling behind competitors and missing out on an opportunity to capture attention and loyalty. 

Speed matters for wins

In modern e-commerce, milliseconds matter to shoppers, who demand immediacy and fluidity in omnichannel access to products and services. Ultimately, speedy experiences are critical as study after study has proved that slow sites—
  • Boost bounce rates or the percentage of visitors who leave without exploring your site.
  • Reduce conversions: purchases, newsletter signups, other call-to-actions.  
  • Impact your ranking on search-engine results pages (SERPs). Along with factors such as relevancy, major search engines like Google take speed into account when positioning sites on SERPs. 
What’s more, a cumbersome checkout process or misleading search results cause consumers to click away in short order. 
To outpace competition as well as attract and retain audiences, more companies are moving toward composable architectures to enhance agility and time to value, delivering nimble and brisk experiences.  

Composable plus search drives conversions

Gartner has identified composability as a key component that positions companies competitively in the constantly changing marketplace. Thanks to solutions such as Uniform Digital Experience Composition Platform (DXCP), organizations can effortlessly perform these important tasks:
  • Seamlessly blend tools like search into a high-performing stack while staying flexible, lithe, and lightly integrated. 
  • Add, modify, or remove technologies as needs unfold while sourcing content from legacy and headless systems.
Two notable benefits result:
  • Marketers responsible for building engaging experiences can work in a no-code environment without developer support, regaining productivity and control.
  • By connecting composable elements like Algolia’s search and discovery platform, businesses can build and curate experiences faster in addition to automatically updating product catalogs and other content as the search index develops. 

DXCP coupled with search enhances experiences at scale

From search to personalization, the related tools that are part of your stack are crucial. A prerequisite for personalizing immersive experiences is that those tools properly interact with one another and that they communicate intent signals effectively. 
Toward that end, adopt a DXCP combined with a search-as-a-service platform like Algolia to test and adapt technologies. But first, watch the webinar to discover how a composable architecture accelerates search while empowering internal teams and consumers alike.
Control the search experience, maximize conversions!

Control the search experience, maximize conversions!

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