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Irina Botea
Posted on Nov 2, 2022

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Join Uniform’s first annual DXC Assembly

We’re about to host the first annual DXC Assembly, dedicated to digital experience composition (DXC), on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. EST. This half-day event features a virtual conference with participation from seasoned engineers, architects, and marketers in the digital-experience arena to explore the sector’s central role in modern business. Get your free ticket now. 

The background 

Until now, DX platforms satisfy the needs of only one part of an organization: business teams or IT. As a result, neither marketers nor developers can be as productive or effective as they can be—either group of professionals always has to make huge compromises.
Uniform believes that shouldn’t be the way we do things—too much is at stake. Instead, organizations should adopt digital experience composition, which fosters the productivity of all teams, enabling them to bring cutting-edge experiences to market faster than ever. That’s why we’re hosting DXC Assembly, a pioneer event that shines a light on a unique approach that empowers each and every team to deliver faster and more efficiently while also being able to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.
With Uniform DXC, marketers and business teams can create the modern, high-performance  digital experiences they need to compete without depending on developers. In addition, those teams can use both legacy suites and modern tools in a single integrated interface with responsive preview. That means that they can focus on being creative with their tasks—without having to work with multiple tools or waiting for a developer to pick up their ticket to manage publication. Meanwhile, freed up from the chores of supporting routine publication and the maintenance of the glue-code that connects the elements of their stack, developers can plan sprints more reliably and concentrate on value-add features. Both sides of the business then become much more efficient, saving cost and time for the enterprise. 
How does all that work? We’ll address that at the DXC Assembly. 

A sneak peek at the agenda

The virtual event will start with a keynote address by Uniform CEO Lars Petersen, followed by presentations, panels, Q&As, and breakout rooms. Speakers include Uniform CTO Alex Shyba, Digital Clarity Group VP consulting Cathy McKnight, and Kruso CEO Lars Ørum Andersen
Wrapping up the event will be a panel that comprises representatives from Kruso, Strapi, and Cobham Satcom, who will discuss their experience working with DXC and implementing the related changes to their system.
The goal of the DXC Assembly is to provide a forum for digital-experience professionals in companies and agencies to share insights and discuss the sector’s future. Topics will include the current state of the industry, the compromises organizations must make to achieve results, and the ways in which DXC changes decades-old ideas of the compromises technology and business teams must make when building their experience stack. 
For the full agenda, see the DXC Assembly homepage, which is also where to pick up your free ticket. 
Bottom line: Uniform DXC combines the performance and flexibility of modern composable stacks with the business features and convenience of a traditional DXP. Do find out what that looks like in practice. Join us!