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Jamie Bolland
Posted on Jul 13, 2022

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Uniform accelerates composability with the MACH Alliance

To keep up with ever-changing and ever-heightening demands from consumers who expect to be wowed with engaging digital and e-commerce experiences, companies are seeking a new breed of Martech tools. Powered by an architecture known as MACH [Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless], those tools offer nimble, agile, and scalable solutions that help marketers meet the demands of our digital-first world. When accompanied by composable orchestration, the tools prove to be even more valuable. 

The Uniform-MACH Alliance partnership: the blueprints of composability

As a leading provider of composable orchestration, Uniform is stepping up its involvement with the MACH Alliance, an industry organization that advocates for the MACH technology ecosystem. 
Helping us do just that is Anthony Poliseno, Uniform head of marketing, who’s been elected to cochair the Marketing and Community Council for the MACH Alliance. In that role, he will play an integral part in shaping the narrative around MACH usability. 
“The shift to composable technologies is happening fast, and the Martech landscape is constantly evolving,” says Poliseno. “I’m looking forward to helping the MACH Alliance evangelize composable architecture and the benefits offered by MACH in performance, agility, and scalability.”

The role of composable orchestration within the broader composable landscape

Why the need to evangelize composable architecture? Poliseno explains:
  • Composable orchestration makes it easy to connect MACH technologies with legacy DXP suites and related, decoupled services. For example, by connecting CMS, data, the front end, and CDNs, composable orchestration helps businesses build a lightning-fast, personalized, and best-of-breed MACH-based e-commerce site that can be deployed faster than ever before.
  • Once the MACH-based site is in place, composable orchestration makes it easier for stakeholders in the digital-delivery workflow to create content and iterate over time,  improving metrics like conversion and customer experience. For example, content creators can build pages from back-end sources without developer support, use a consistent no-code interface across all channels, personalize, and A/B test content to boost performance—across all sources.
In addition, he points out that “as MACH technology moves more mainstream and the vendor landscape becomes more crowded, this idea of connecting and accelerating how companies use all those tools together in a cohesive way is critical to improve adoption.”

Awards at MACH Alliance’s 2022 MACHathon for Uniform’s composable architecture

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 22.16.27.png
Underscoring the critical role that the MACH technology ecosystem plays in helping retailers effectively react to today’s constantly changing e-commerce landscape, the MACH Alliance hosted its first-ever MACHathon 22 competition in May at the MACH ONE conference. We’re thrilled to have won both the Maturity and the People’s Choice Awards at the event for building an accelerator with which businesses can spin up a completely composable commerce site in just minutes. 
The accelerator, based on Uniform experience orchestration, BigCommerce headless commerce, Contentstack headless CMS, Cloudinary digital asset management, and Vercel CDN, shows composable architecture can move from a developer tool to one used by business teams. This shift underscores our belief that scaffolding composable stacks must be accessible to all stakeholders—not just the tech team. 

Knowledge sharing at MACH ONE conference

MACH ONE, the first-ever conference held by the MACH Alliance, took place in London last month. Some 400 participants from the MACH ecosystem, including brands like Costa, Lego, Mars, and Primark, came together to explore how composable systems can spur innovative digital and e-commerce experiences. 
During the two Uniform-hosted lunches, Uniform champion and MACH expert Tomas Krag took to the stage to talk about what he learned from implementing MACH architectures over the past five years. He also joined a main stage panel to discuss how to tackle the challenges of digital IQ at the board level. We’re looking forward to more events like MACH ONE in the future.

Going MACH speed

Want to learn how the MACH Alliance can help you on your journey from legacy to MACH architecture? Check out these resources. Getting to MACH Speed and the MACH Alliance. For details on how to take your MACH stack to the next level, contact Uniform.