Uniform blog/Uniform spells versatility, flexibility, and low cost for composable
adam conn
Adam Conn
Posted on Oct 31, 2022

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Uniform spells versatility, flexibility, and low cost for composable

Like many vendors in the digital-experience space, Sitecore recently hailed composability as the future for brands seeking control, flexibility, and speed that are absent from their current technology stacks. In fact, Sitecore’s marketing machine is moving full steam ahead toward composable with a focus on the products they acquired over the past two years along with XM Cloud. Interestingly, Sitecore is even calling out its competitors for using a tired, old monolithic architecture.
Sitecore has been, however, markedly less vocal about the role the traditional Sitecore XM and XP products, which are not composable at all, will play in the composable world. That’s because the composable future Sitecore envisions is one in which customers replatform—a “four-letter word” in digital-experience management—to Sitecore products.
Replatforming means moving from one technology stack to another, an incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and risky process. Sitecore’s vision of a composable world is unshakable, however: Even customers already using Sitecore products must replatform
Risks of replatforming with Sitecore
Uniform digital experience composition platform (DXCP) offers a more viable and less burdensome way on the belief that since composability is all about being able to use the right tool at the right time, abandoning your existing technology in favor of composable isn’t just ironic, it’s also wrong. With Uniform DXCP, you not only can make Sitecore XM and XP a part of a composable architecture, but also do that incrementally without replatforming.

The benefits of Uniform DXCP

Composable architectures comprise products that work together. Whereas Sitecore combines capabilities in a single product, Uniform enables you to decouple them so that you can use the parts of Sitecore that work well for you and offload those that don’t. For example, many Sitecore customers find it daunting to build and maintain an efficient yet simple content-delivery environment. Through Uniform, you can continue to manage site content and configure personalization on Sitecore, but move the execution of personalization and delivery to a content delivery network (CDN).
Instead of being a Sitecore replacement, a content management system, a personalization engine, or a CDN, Uniform DXCP ensures that  the various products in composable architectures work together. 
Uniform DXCP
What’s more, incremental adoption is another benefit of Uniform’s composable approach. Feel free to keep Sitecore in place for as long as you like and decouple features at your own pace.

Uniform’s remarkable flexibility

Note these two costly Sitecore upgrades:
  • New software version. The high cost stems from Sitecore’s monolithic architecture, which necessitates that Sitecore upgrades update everything and that, after upgrade, you review and test all the content on your site.
  • New license. You never pay less than what you’re already paying. To be sure, many new features might accompany the new license, but most Sitecore customers don’t even use a fraction of the features available with their current one.
Uniform extends an excellent option by supporting your current Sitecore version and license, i.e., you gain all the benefits of composability without having to pay more to Sitecore. Plus, you can power as much or as little of your site as you desire. Our customers typically start small on a section of the main site or on a smaller site, expanding on their own timeframe and reaping business value along the way.

The ultimate of the composable bandwagon

Uniform agrees with Sitecore on three viewpoints:
  • Composability is the future of digital-experience management. 
  • The limitations of monolithic architectures are a roadblock to creating engaging digital experiences.
  • Composable architectures uniquely and effectively address those limitations.
However, we do believe that Sitecore XM and XP can play an important role in composable architectures. To realize the benefits of composability faster, brands should leverage Uniform with their existing technology, assured of a low barrier to entry in taking up that valuable approach for building and managing technology stacks.

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