Uniform blog/Uniform DXCP in action: transformative change at lightning speed
alex shyba
Alex Shyba
Posted on Jan 11, 2023

2 min read

Uniform DXCP in action: transformative change at lightning speed

To build next-gen digital experiences that resonate with consumers and boost revenue, today’s marketers and developers must seamlessly work together within a composable tech stack.  Digital experience composition platform (DXCP), an experience layer that orchestrates composable tools for building and maintaining digital experiences, handily fulfills that need. Through DXC, brands can overcome technological and organizational bottlenecks to unlock content and equip teams with the tools to work faster and more effectively. 
At Uniform’s first annual Digital Experience Composition Assembly in November, I gave a hands-on demo on how Uniform DXCP transforms the process of experience creation for a fictional business called Java Drip. Below is a recap.

A company in need of change

Here’s the scenario: Java Drip sells coffee machines and bulk coffee to businesses like cafes. Given the shift to remote work due to the COVID pandemic, the company must also sell its merchandise directly to consumers by adopting a B2C model that enables the following tasks:
  • Accelerate time to market through a consistent user interface.
  • Personalize launches.
  • Deliver digital experiences across channels at lightning speed.
Java Drip’s current tech stack comprises solutions for commerce (a headless iteration of Salesforce Commerce Cloud) and customer data (6sense). To make the leap to B2C, the company could opt for replatforming, but challenges abound since the current system must continue to run during the replatforming process. In addition, preserving the status quo is problematic because Java Drip’s headless solutions require constant developer involvement in marketing-oriented tasks for building and maintaining digital experiences. 
That’s where Uniform DXCP can help.

A solution that facilitates transformation

Uniform DXCP open, bring-your-own approach for the front end optimally transforms the process of creating experiences without businesses having to start from scratch. With Uniform DXCP, Java Drip can—
  • Continue to use its existing tools, such as design systems, thanks to the orchestration capability in the experience layer.
  • Focus on creating and delivering innovative and compelling experiences instead of having to tackle a painful integration process or building and maintaining tedious glue code for connecting disparate tools.
  • Deliver highly performant experiences by means of edge computing.

A remarkable outcome

As a result, Java Drip can achieve its three key goals:
  • Speed: Java Drip can easily add mobile channels or promotion engines and deliver fast, personalized, and omnichannel experiences.
  • Personalization: From launch campaigns to multichannel messaging and audience-specific webpages, Uniform DXCP supports personalization without slowing down page loads.  
  • Collaboration: Even though SaaS and headless systems speed up time to value and ROI, they do so at the expense of cross-team collaboration. In contrast, with Uniform DXCP, digital teams can work in parallel.

An assured way of winning with digital experiences 

Instead of having to revamp its tech stack, Java Drip can implement the  B2C initiative quickly and effectively by using Uniform DXCP to orchestrate its composable tools, serving new and existing audiences alike with personalized digital experiences.
For details, watch the full Digital Experience Composition Assembly session. To find out how Uniform DXCP could do the same for your company, contact us for a demo