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Uniform + Salesforce B2C Commerce

Create great shopping experiences in a modern, scalable and fully composable stack by integrating Salesforce B2C Commerce with Uniform digital experience composition.

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Instantly integrate your Composable Storefront

Uniform’s pre-built integration for Salesforce Composable Storefront (PWA Kit) connects your store to the rest of your stack and makes it ready to manage in minutes, not months.

Merchandisers are in control

Quickly and easily control every aspect of your shoppers’ experience using Uniform Canvas. Create custom product and category pages with control of the front-end presentation and live preview - then publish to any channel without developer support.


Unleash connected content and commerce

Build demand and drive sales with compelling product pages and marketing content by working with Salesforce and any of our 15 pre-built CMS integrations in a single interface with live, responsive, preview.

Drive conversions with personalization and testing

In-line testing and personalization tools let merchandisers quickly learn and drive conversions by giving their customers exactly what they want - when they want it. From small experiments to deep CDP integration, Uniform deepens and improves commerce experiences at any scale.


Getting Started with Composable Storefront for Salesforce B2C Commerce


Composable Commerce meets digital experience composition

Experience Salesforce Composable Storefront, Uniform and a headless CMS in action. Visual experience management, edge personalization and integrated Digital Asset Management.

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