Evolving beyond Sitecore

Empowering digital teams with composable

As the digital age continues to evolve, be sure to move beyond monolithic systems like Sitecore and adopt a paradigm shift in content management with composable architectures, which spur advanced, flexible, and scalable solutions for building and managing digital experiences. That’s because you can, through composable, seamlessly integrate headless CMSes, commerce, digital asset management (DAM), and personalization features, responding to changing business needs and creating superior digital experiences at an impressive speed.

Key takeaways

  • Greater agility and higher speed: Switching from a monolithic system like Sitecore to a composable architecture leads to greater agility and faster responses to market conditions, avoiding delays in development projects and sprints.
  • More flexibility: While on composable, you’re free to choose tools that best suit your needs.
  • Faster innovation: Given the freedom to test new tools, vendors, and frameworks in an unrestricted environment offered by composable, you can innovate speedily.
  • Higher efficiency: Unlike single, unified monoliths, composable regularly offers advanced technology to more efficiently build and manage compelling digital experiences.
  • More competent resource management: Monoliths like Sitecore often result in an inundation of developmental tasks that take up a load of time and effort. In contrast, composable architectures manage resources much more effectively, accelerating workflows as a rule.
  • Cost effectiveness: Composable’s adaptability fosters technological evolution long term at a much lower cost than monoliths.

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The whitepaper covers:

Resource preview


The future is composable


The legacy monolith: Sitecore in the limelight


The leap forward: composable architectures


The failed promise of monoliths


Navigating the digital-experience architecture landscape


Headless versus composable


Composed doesn’t equal composable


Why composable is the way forward