Case Study

Taxfix's success with the Uniform Visual Workspace

Discover how Taxfix transformed tax filing through innovation with Uniform Personalization and A/B Testing

Are you curious about how Taxfix, the leading finance platform for tax filing, redefined the landscape of tax declaration, making it effortless, secure, and swift for users of all backgrounds?

The marketing team at Taxfix found Uniform to be the only solution that met their requirements for personalization and A/B testing, and offered the features natively. Learn how they redefined engagement on their website to delight visitors and drive more conversions.

Key takeaways

  • Taxfix leveraged native features of The Uniform Visual Workspace for A/B testing and personalization.
  • Taxfix saw a 15% increase in conversion rates through optimizations from testing and personalization.
  • Uniform's user-friendly interface enabled various team members to run experiments, and adoption increased rapidly.
  • The Uniform platform helped in optimizing user engagement and conversions.
  • Engineers were no longer required for the experiment publication workflow.
  • Testing and experiment volume surged by 500%, as results proved the value of data-driven marketing decisions.
  • Personalization was used to optimize engagement and create unique customer experiences for visitors from various countries, now further enhanced through Uniform localization.
  • Reengaging returning visitors with personalized content led to a significant increase in registrations and submissions. ​
  • Taxfix highly valued the Uniform Visual Workspace, enhancing their testing capabilities by allowing them to view the experiences being built in real-time.

Uncover the strategies that propelled Taxfix to success and see how you can apply these insights to your own business. Download the case study now to begin your journey toward streamlined user experiences and increased conversions. If you’re interested in learning more, register for a Uniform demo today!

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