Case Study

Triumph Motorcycles leveraged Uniform to unlock its digital future

Discover how Triumph Motorcycles implemented composable architecture for their digital commerce

Are you curious about how Triumph Motorcycles, the largest UK-owned motorcycle manufacturer, expanded its digital merchandising while improving its speed to market?

The Uniform Visual Workspace enabled Triumph’s Solution Architects to build and launch a clothing store on a separate technology stack without interrupting their original website. Uniform provides a streamlined platform for precise digital experience creation, encompassing personalization, A/B testing, and orchestration capabilities, allowing gradual migration of backend technologies without the need to rewrite front-end code.

Key takeaways

  • Triumph Motorcycles needed a solution that supported a new composable architecture and tech stack for its clothing store.
  • The Uniform Visual Workspace facilitated the launch of Triumph's new ecommerce clothing store without interrupting the existing website and tech stack.
  • Uniform's new composable architecture was successfully launched in parallel to the existing legacy systems, allowing for multi-source content management.
  • Implementation was quick and simple thanks to Uniform's continual support and responsiveness to feedback.
  • Shifting from code-heavy to configuration-based development boosted productivity for Triumph's digital team.
  • Developers found Uniform's approach more efficient, saving time and effort.
  • Triumph achieved faster time to market and speed of development due to reduced migration-related code.
  • Thanks to Uniform, Triumph now has enhanced flexibility for future technology adaptations and market expansions.

Discover Triumph's Digital Reinvention: Explore how Uniform's Visual Workspace reshaped Triumph Motorcycles' online presence and propelled them into the future of ecommerce. Explore the case study now to unlock the power of composable architecture, seamless integrations, and accelerated development. Ready to transform your business? Sign up for a Uniform demo today!

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