Composable CMS evaluation guide

Take advantage of expert insights into the world of composable CMS, learn how to run an evaluation and RFP process to make informed decisions that will boost your digital capabilities, drive business growth, and free you from hurdles inherent in headless and monolithic systems.

Read this comprehensive guide to:

  • Understand Composable CMS: fundamentals, benefits, and differences from traditional CMS

  • Explore robust composable stacks: essential features and differences from monolithic providers

  • Balance strategic and stakeholder goals: keys to a successful launch

  • Discover tips and best practices: evaluating and comparing providers

  • Implement agile evaluation process: hands-on PoC practices

  • Manage derisking digital efforts: controlled experimentation and staged migration

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Have a look inside:

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The guide covers:

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Introduction: Explaining the basics


Background analysis and planning


Advice for meeting strategic goals


Vendor evaluation


Considerations for composable stacks