The hidden cost of the status quo

How composable strategies reduce retention and spur innovation

Without question, flexibility defines the future of the digital sphere. At a time when CXOs are battling with inflexible legacy systems and underused, outdated technology stacks, the hidden costs of maintaining the status quo are all too high. Persisting with ineffective solutions not only locks your team potential in a digital time capsule, but also leads to missed business targets and problems in asset management.

With composable environments, complete with the convenience of clicks over code, you can easily boost compatibility and sustainability within your teams, eliminating the need for manpower to tackle extensive coding and integration. To start with, develop an organizational mindset to outpace the competition and adopt composable strategies to transform your content operations and processes.

Key takeaways

  • Monoliths are a barrier to innovation. Traditional monoliths significantly limit agility, preventing teams from keeping pace with industry trends and consumer needs.
  • The economic implications of legacy systems are dire. Inflexible, out-of-date systems incur many hidden costs: high expenditure, failure to retain talent, missed business targets.
  • Flexibility is the way to go. With composable, you choose the tools that best serve your needs and that align with your goals. Subsequently, the number of value-add activities rises and productivity surges.
  • Visual workspaces are a godsend for marketers and business users. In contrast to rigid monoliths, a visual workspace results in more judicious resource allocation, higher productivity, and a gratifying sense of job fulfillment.
  • Shorter time to market is a given. Thanks to its fast implementation of segmented experiences with no need for replatforming, composable shortens time to market.
  • Personalization is a superior convenience perk for consumers. Agile, personalized user experiences, often lacking in outdated monoliths, foster conversion rate optimization (CRO) and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

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