The Road to MACH Speed

Brands increasingly turn to MACH technologies—microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless systems—to build modular digital experience stacks. The flexibility of MACH architecture allows brands to select the best tools for their needs, accelerating their digital transformation.

Below is our steps to help you successfully achieve MACH Speed.

Use the Proper MACH Foundation
Build your MACH architecture (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) on a robust foundation that seamlessly connects your chosen technologies. Minimize custom glue code between API-first technologies and your front end. Uniform enables MACH at scale with no-code integrations between most MACH vendors and your front end.
Connect Technologies
Leverage content, data, and technology from anywhere, including your existing investments. If it has an API, it can connect to your MACH stack, and Uniform simplifies this integration. Start with key technologies and expand as needed. MACH architecture's composability means you can add or replace technologies without re-platforming.
Create Engaging Digital Experiences
Empower developers to create high-performance front ends that captivate audiences. Enable marketers to visually assemble and manage engaging experiences without needing developer intervention.
Launch at MACH Speed
Connect, create, and launch at MACH speed, ensuring your digital experiences load lightning-fast on any device. Utilize edge technology to scale experiences to any market, delivering content swiftly from the nearest edge node. Publish changes globally in seconds.
Optimize with Real-Time Data
Your digital experiences are dynamic and operate at MACH speed. Optimize components using real-time visitor data, personalize based on in-the-moment intent, and A/B test for optimal conversion—all without flicker, ensuring top performance and SEO ranking.

Ready to drive with Uniform at MACH speed?

Launch with MACH Start
Download the MACH foundation blueprint