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Irina Botea
Posted on Sep 6, 2022

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Cobham Satcom harvests new leads with Uniform DXCP

As a market leader of solutions and services for radio and satellite communications for both sea and land, Denmark-based Cobham Satcom provides mission-critical connectivity to service providers, enterprises, and governments. Cobham Satcom also continually explores technologies, partnerships, and spaces, designing and manufacturing performant radio and communication terminals, gateways, and systems.
To engage with potential customers across industries and develop new qualified leads worldwide, Cobham Satcom needs a strong and compelling online presence. “Our customers are digitally savvy, and they expect to find on our website in-depth information about our company and products: who we are, what we offer, what we’ve done before, and what’s new,” says Patricia Kunth, global digital marketing manager at Cobham Satcom. Until recently, however, Cobham Satcom fell short in meeting those expectations. What was required was a refresh of the technology stack to accelerate content creation and a more flexible and agile website that could discover potential leads faster while serving as a catalyst for internal workflows.
Check out the full case study here.

Uniform as a new foundation

At the outset, the Cobham Satcom team decided to build and go live with a new website quickly and then incrementally upgrade and optimize it as they learn more about their customers. 
As a first step, the Cobham Satcom team engaged Kruso, a technical consulting agency that selected and assembled the components for the new site. Kruso integrated those components with Uniform—the foundation for building a composable digital experience platform. “Uniform enables us to get up and running quickly,” says Kunth. “It’s as easy and fast as drag-and-drop. Also, we’re marketing people. Not having to delve deep into technical issues saves us time to focus on customers and offerings.” 
By virtue of Uniform’s versatility, the Cobham Satcom team deployed Strapi as a headless content management system (CMS), integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 for lead generation, and the Segment customer data platform (CDP) for tracking and segmentation of customer data. That new stack gave Cobham Satcom an agile, adaptive Jamstack architecture with fast delivery and high performance. Also, the team can personalize webpages based on user information from Segment and perform A/B testing to continue enhancing the engagement process with site visitors.

Major benefits of adopting Uniform 

Uniform offers five major benefits for the swift transition of Cobham Satcom site to one built with a composable architecture. 
  • Fast deployment  Deploying a new site quickly—in only four weeks—has enabled Cobham Satcom to stay ahead of the competition by continually customizing the experience to accommodate customer demands. An example is an online newsroom, whose components were integrated through Uniform.
  • Agility for evolving business and customer needs As a result of the new experience stack and technology enhancements made possible by Uniform, the Cobham Satcom marketing team can update the website much faster, sometimes in only a few hours instead of weeks as required by the old way of customizing pages. Ultimately, the company can adeptly strengthen its business through redefined offers.
  • Transformation of the digital marketing team into an internal agency Renovating Cobham Satcom’s digital experience has resulted in the digital marketing team acting as a first-call internal agency that stakeholders can call on and collaborate with as a driving force for key projects. Impressively, that team is also partnering with other companies to develop mixed digital initiatives. 
  • Collaboration with agile, proactive vendors Uniform provides responsive and support, proactively taking the initiative in solving problems. 
  • Preparation for a change-filled future The Uniform-based digital experience stack translates to confidence in the digital marketing team to get ready for changes ahead. With digital moving fast, flexibility is a must for instant adaptation. The effectiveness and support from Uniform inspires trust, assuring Cobham Satcom that Uniform is there to help the company grow and move forward.

The stats that tell the story

It took Cobham Satcom only four weeks to deploy its new website, and a little over three weeks to build and deliver new features. Since the site went live, Cobham Satcom has seen a 150 percent increase in qualified leads—a magnificent jump by any measure. Check out our most recent case study.
Cobham satcom case study