Uniform blog/The Uniform Visual Workspace: 2023 new feature roundup
alex shyba
Alex Shyba
Posted on Dec 28, 2023

3 min read

The Uniform Visual Workspace: 2023 new feature roundup

It’s been an incredible year for the Uniform Visual Workspace, with the release of several enhancements designed to give brands and marketers industry-first visual tools, unparalleled speed, and more autonomy in the digital experience production process.
We’ve rounded up our biggest product updates, including visual, in-line editing, personalization at scale, and more. Check out our roundup below on the latest and greatest in omnichannel experience management through the Uniform Visual Workspace.
  • Component Starter Kit
  • Patterns
  • Generative AI
  • Asset library
  • Component highlighter
  • Open-source theme pack
  • New CMS integrations

A Component Starter Kit for easy page creation

Building compelling customer experiences in the Uniform Visual Workspace is faster than ever with the Component Starter Kit. Pre-integrated with Uniform, it offers more than 50 open-source, themeable front-end components—rich text, responsive images, reviews, and other features—that are easy to install and customizable.  
Moreover, the Component Starter Kit’s free Storybook template allows you to experiment and launch a proof of concept and brand experience. 

Visual editing for patterns 

Along with the Component Starter Kit, patterns enable you to take visual editing for constructing pages one step further through pre-built, reusable components across channels and sites. Using patterns makes creating, managing, and reusing page components effortless, helping you move at the speed of market.  

Infused generative AI for optimal prompt management

In the Uniform Visual Workspace, create engaging content in record time with the power of generative AI. Now, you can leverage preferred AI services in your visual workspace by optimizing prompts and generating relevant content for your customer journeys. 
Currently, Uniform integrates with leading AI tools, including OpenAI, Writer, and Stable Diffusion. Read more on how the visual workspace and generative AI enable you to improve digital production workflows and scale your experience creation process. 

New composable asset library for centralized access 

We’ve added an asset library to the Uniform Visual Workspace that streamlines and compiles company-wide content in one place, regardless of where it's stored. In addition to providing pre-built connectors to leading digital asset management systems (DAMs), including Cloudinary and Scaleflex, Uniform offers native asset management capabilities for storing assets when a DAM is unavailable or inappropriate.

Improved component highlighter for better personalization

The highlighter increases control over parameters and components in the Uniform Visual Workspace. With this revamp, you gain access to leading-edge functionality such as personalization and A/B testing, making creating and editing experiences in real-time easier and quicker. 

Control design guidelines with themes for greater control

Get the most out of the Component Starter Kit’s open-source theme pack, which you can use to preview and apply to your marketing campaigns. You can swiftly build pages that align with your brand and design guidelines while efficiently controlling the style and layout of your experience. 
Learn how to extend your user experience across different use cases with the Uniform Visual Workspace’s theme management capabilities.

More improvements to our CMS integrations

Our solution partners deliver industry-leading expertise to help you scope, create, and launch high-performing experiences that drive sales and delight customers. In 2023, we improved Uniform’s CMS integrations with the following technology providers: 
Additionally, we added new software integrations: 

Make excelling with a visual workspace your New Year’s resolution   

Your experience creation process doesn’t have to be plagued by outdated content, poor user engagement, or a slow speed to market. Digital teams are empowered to create, maintain, and publish updates without developer involvement in the Uniform Visual Workspace, delivering immersive experiences that captivate audiences and win customers. 
Start checking off your New Year’s resolution list today and schedule a demo with a Uniform team member.