DXC Assembly
November 15, 20229:00 AM EST

Digital Experience Composition Assembly

Building the future for developers and business teams

Digital experience composition (DXC) offers fast, robust, and adaptable tools with which business teams can build lightning-fast and engrossing experiences that respond to changing business needs, customer behavior, and market conditions. Join seasoned engineers, architects, and marketers from the digital-experience arena to forge a bright future for digital teams.

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Opening keynote

Welcome to DXC Assembly

The keynote addresses the long-standing issues developers and marketers have faced in finding solutions that work for both sides - and how Uniform's DXC platform challenges the notion that the two sides cannot work together, quickly.

Product keynote

Building composable with Uniform

Learn how Uniform’s DXC platform can quickly take a project from early development to handover to business teams with Uniform's new products.

Panel discussion

Uniform DXCP implementation panel discussion with Cobham Satcom, Kruso, and Strapi

Hear how Cobham Satcom's website went live in weeks with Kruso, Strapi, and Uniform.

Patricia Kunth, Lars Ørum Andersen, Pierre Burgy

Closing keynote

The future of DXC

Hear an analyst/investor's perspective on how DXC removes friction and empowers organizations to deliver the experiences their customers expect.

Breakout session

Managing a Monolith DXP

Our engineers demonstrate how to quickly bring Sitecore into a modern, high-performance stack with Uniform.

Breakout session

Mastering the Mesh

Explore how our updated integrations connect your content to the front end with the engineers that built them.

Kam Figy

Principal Engineer, Uniform

Breakout session

Creating with Canvas

See the possibilities for content creation and orchestration to empower marketers using the new version of Canvas.

Richard Bausek

Principal Product Manager, Uniform

What is digital experience composition?

Digital experience composition is the solution that finally gives developers and business teams access to the tools that they need to do their best work and deliver faster than ever.
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