Your digital transformation strategy: the power of Uniform and Kruso

When faced with reinvesting in your monolith architecture versus evolving to composability, the decision boils down to a single, inflexible system or a more complex, flexible solution.

Harnessing Uniform’s strength in simplifying complex transformations, Kruso has successfully helped clients embrace modern architectures, implement new technology on their timetable and budget, and take branded digital experiences to new heights.

Niels Simonsen Brinkø, Global Chief Technology Officer and Partner at Kruso, joins Uniform co-founder and CEO Lars Petersen to unpack how Uniform fulfills the promise of MACH systems, enabling Kruso to architect the digital future for leading global brands.

Watch now as our experts share key insights on managing large-scale composable transformations, highlight why Triumph Motorcycles was the ideal collaboration, and discuss how the Uniform Visual Workspace helps agencies give enterprises the advantage when changing backend systems.