Uniform blog/Experience Operations: a new age in content management
Lars Birkholm Petersen
Lars Birkholm Petersen
Posted on May 22, 2024

3 min read

Experience Operations: a new age in content management

Since Forrester predicted the next wave of CMS that is agile in content curation and orchestration, brands have tried to equip digital teams with technology that promises freedom for engineers or creator-centric tools for marketers. What’s emerged is a constant tug-of-war between technical and business users, resulting in digital production processes plagued by developer backlog, missed deadlines, and broken user experiences. 
Unlocking the power of Experience Operations with the Uniform Visual CMS helps brands overcome these obstacles by enabling more autonomous, efficient, and innovative content operations in today’s organizations. With today's launch, digital teams gain advanced functionality that streamlines workflows and empowers them to build experiences that meet the rising demand for speed and innovation.

Why we need better operations in digital experiences 

Customer experiences must be fast, engaging, and digital-first. Yet marketers struggle to keep up with consumer expectations while grappling with the limitations of traditional content management systems (CMSs) and over-dependence on technical teams. Digital teams want to launch and scale campaigns quickly, but are held back by significant challenges:  
  • Traditional CMSs haven’t kept pace with marketing requirements and fall short of offering capabilities that support layered omnichannel experiences
  • Digital teams are paralyzed by long wait times due to heavy development involvement in digital production processes, causing delays and missed opportunities.
  • Marketers lack the tools to work independently, creatively, and visually in one unified platform. 
As an industry leader in omnichannel experience management, we recognize these pain points and have responded with a groundbreaking update to the Uniform platform.

Experience Operations: more autonomy, fewer constraints 

From our roots as a technical platform that facilitates seamless integration to a visual workspace that unifies content, data, and technology from anywhere, we’re excited to introduce Experience Operations, the next phase in omnichannel experience management. With these new capabilities, digital teams can now leverage leading-edge tools for launching and maintaining content-rich campaigns without technical assistance, making their jobs easier, faster, and more productive.
Available now to Uniform customers and partners, here’s what’s new in the Uniform. 


Say goodbye to the “publish and pray” approach to content management. Not only can you preview digital experiences as you build them, but you can also bundle and publish changes to ensure your campaigns go live flawlessly.
In addition to managing experiences from any connected source, Releases supports sequenced and staggered launches for sophisticated content rollouts. 

Pre-assembled components (Patterns)

Now, you have more options for composing omnichannel experiences seamlessly. Whether blending branded components like building blocks or configuring preset pages, including personalization, Patterns helps marketers create digital assets, landing pages, and campaign elements in record time, lowering the total cost of ownership and accelerating time to market. 

Advanced experience localization

The recent enhancements also feature improved localization, allowing you to adapt audience experiences to regional and local tastes quickly. Marketers can customize content, design, navigation, and site structure per locale and preview localized experiences in one visual interface. 

Search and Filtering

With Search and Filtering, digital teams can easily filter content, components, compositions, and more. You can even find and sort content and data connected through various systems, augmenting the experience creation process. 

Unified Content Entries

Boosting its multisource toolkit, the visual CMS now combines numerous content and data sources into one unified content entry. Digital teams can easily reuse content from their digital asset management, product information management, and other connected systems without worrying about where or how to access digital assets throughout the omnichannel experience management process. 
Using the Uniform Visual CMS capabilities, digital teams can assemble and refine multisource content using different content types and generative AI. This simplifies content production and delivery for marketers with little time and plenty to do, enabling you to build and customize personalized experiences with mere clicks. 

Redefine how digital experiences are managed at scale  

These updates to the Uniform platform extend the flexibility and agility of digital teams: marketers who need to work efficiently and creatively and build experiences that engage, convert, and delight audiences. With Uniform’s enhanced functionality, marketers have the power to own campaigns from start to finish, and brands can speed up digital workflows while increasing their marketing return on investment.     
Watch how Uniform is leading the evolution of omnichannel experience management.