Uniform blog/How Cobham Satcom built its composable corporate site in four weeks
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Jamie Bolland
Posted on Jan 30, 2023

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How Cobham Satcom built its composable corporate site in four weeks

Denmark-based Cobham Satcom has been a leader in radio and satellite communication for over four decades, serving a mission-critical role in sea and land communication for governments, cruise ships, service providers, and partners. However, the company’s corporate website had fallen short of delivering a timely, rich experience to its digital-savvy customers.
In an engaging virtual panel session as part of the DXC Assembly event last November, I interviewed Patricia Kunth, global digital marketing manager at Cobham Satcom; Lars Ørum Andersen, CEO of digital agency Kruso; and Pierre Burgy, CEO of headless CMS provider Strapi; on how Cobham Satcom leveraged composable architecture to transform its web experience in only four weeks. 
At the outset, Kunth pointed out that, backed by the Uniform digital experience composition platform (DXCP), a composable framework, Cobham Satcom saw immediate results, including faster page loads, an empowered workforce, and a surge in customer leads. Not only were the hard results outstanding, but also her team were happy using tools they deemed much more intuitive. As she said, “We were riding a bike before, and now we are driving a Maserati!”

The reasons why composability matters

When Cobham Satcom and Kruso began the project, their first priority was to deliver a new site that would generate leads quickly. That led Kruso to suggest Uniform DXCP to underpin the project. By eliminating the manual integration process, Cobham Satcom was able to go live significantly earlier than with another approach. Additionally, its teams could do even more with their new CMS, Strapi, creating a platform that could easily expand with best-of-need technology as their visions and goals evolved.
Burgy at Strapi agreed, adding that composable structures give companies like Cobham Satcom a significant amount of flexibility in selecting the best technology for their requirements. If Cobham Satcom needs personalized content or a digital asset management system, or plans to move toward e-commerce, Uniform DXCP makes it easy to test and integrate new technologies.
Burgy likened composability to building a house. Instead of hiring only one person for the job, homeowners would enlist the service of a plumber for the plumbing, an electrician for the wiring, and so on. “It’s really important that you work with the best vendors with the best integrations,” he emphasized. “Once you do, the sky’s the limit as to how much your company can achieve.”
Andersen at Kruso agreed that, ultimately, the composable structure sparked the lighting-fast, four-week turnaround. “Uniform’s drag-and-drop interface took the pain out of integration, delivering customization that immediately got Cobham Satcom off the ground and running with composing pages,” he explained.
Kunth at Cobham Satcom posited that the technical achievements of the composable structure drastically raised the speed of digital delivery at the company. On top of that, the new system generated leads incredibly quickly, empowering her team to show their contributions to the company’s bottom line.
“Now that our new digital setup covers the whole planet, leads are coming from everywhere at all times,” Kunth revealed to the panel. 
In fact, the new site has been so successful that the latest challenge is to build lead-management flows to effectively manage the new opportunities. When pressed, Kunth admitted that that was “a luxurious problem to have.” 

The human effect of composability

As prodigious as the technical achievements in Cobham Satcom’s new website are, equally impressive is the effect it has had on the company’s internal teams.
To quote Kunth, “Our site’s faster capabilities, simpler CMS tools, and lead-generation abilities are ‘galvanizing’ internal teams daily.” “Technical tools can change the life of people at work, and that really excites not only me, but also everyone involved [with the site],” she said. “Everything is reachable and faster. Thanks to that, our teams are committed and engaged, which is crucial for the success of marketing activities.”
Burgy echoed the importance of empowering teams through technology. “We spend so much time on our computers every day that we’d better enjoy the journey. And our companies will be more successful as a result,” he asserted.

The effectiveness of the Uniform DXCP

For more details on how Cobham Satcom worked alongside Uniform, Kruso, and Strapi to revitalize its website, view the recording of the panel session, which also offers tips on how to deploy a composable structure and elaborates on the structure’s benefits. 
Additionally, available for download is a case study that details the new Cobham Satcom experience, which saw a 150-percent jump in qualified leads in only four weeks.