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Jamie Bolland
Posted on Jan 16, 2023

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Accelerate content orchestration and improve CX with Algolia

Search has completely changed how we book flights, find a restaurant, or decide on pretty much everything. Now it’s time for search to change how we build digital experiences. 
We’re delighted to release a major update to the Uniform-Algolia integration, which capitalizes on the power of Algolia search to accelerate and automate the creation of digital experiences and to help brands build great marketing and commerce apps and websites that drive conversions.  
The updated integration offers two key features, as described below.

Direct and query-based content selection

With the new integration, marketers and merchandisers can query Agolia within Uniform Canvas to show either for specific results, such as blog entries or products, or a dynamic range based on a search query. That process, which delivers results fast due to Algolia’s impressive speed, works with any connected index within Algolia. You can then leverage those results for testing and personalization through Uniform Context.
In practice, that process means that you connect a Canvas component to an Algolia index built from a commerce engine and then search for either alternative products (e.g., alternative brown leather shoes on a product detail page) or complementary products (e.g., brown belts and bags to match the shoes being viewed) to drive cross sales. As you input products to the index, the component automatically adds the most relevant options, boosting conversions with no need for manual tasks. Besides, you can recommend content or tutorials to support marketing use cases.
Of course, you can also deliver personalized content to end-users with Algolia and Uniform Context. To do so, base the personalization signals on the behavior within the digital experience or on an integration with a customer data platform.

Creation of customized and faceted search pages

With Algolia’s prebuilt front-end component, business users can control the display of search results (pagination, columns, other page content) and that of the images in the Algolia index—all without developer support.
For example, a clothing vendor could show the search results with product photos in three columns, and a tool seller might want to just add a brief description to those results without posting photos. Implementing either scenario with Algolia + Uniform is simple and intuitive. Search has long been a key part of great digital experiences. The updated Algolia-Uniform integration not only makes it simple for business users to control and enhance end-users’ search experience, but also makes Algolia search an integral part of the page-creation and updating process to orchestrate and automate the content that raises conversions. 
If you’ve been looking for a better way to build digital experiences, you might have found it with Algolia + Uniform. Request a free demo to see it in action!