Uniform blog/Uniform Product Releases - April 2022
alex shyba
Alex Shyba
Posted on Apr 29, 2022

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Uniform Product Releases - April 2022

It’s been another busy month here at Uniform HQ (which isn’t a real HQ - we’re remote-first). We’ve released some incredibly exciting new tools and features that will help you integrate new services and improve your day-to-day experience in Uniform including:
  • Team Integrations (Early Access) - a toolkit for users to build their own integrations into Uniform Mesh
  • Our first data-layer integration, allowing users to combine Clearbit’s data API with Context personalization
  • New CMS integrations: Squidex and Hygraph, plus enhancements for Umbraco Heartcore and GatherContent integrations.
  • A new Vercel integration and updates to our Netlify integration
  • Updates to our apps in Contentful, Sanity, and Konent.ai to better support new features in Context, and a private beta for our new Contentstack app
  • A whole host of usability improvements in Context and Canvas
Let’s dive in!

Uniform Mesh updates

Team integrations (Early Access)

We love building integrations here at Uniform but can’t hope to create every single integration a user will ever want. 
What we can do, though, is give them the tools they need to build it themselves - so we did!
You can now bring any backend API you want to Uniform. Any CMS, commerce engine, PIM, DAM, or anything else you want can be part of your stack through Uniform. Making Uniform more flexible and powerful than ever. 
You can check out our documentation and see how we used these tools to build an integration with D&D 5e API by running a sample Mesh integration project directly on Stackblitz without needing to install anything locally. 
We’ve also released new components to the Mesh SDK to make building integrations even faster and easier, including new commerce components! Check out our Storybook with Mesh SDK to see more.

New integrations

Data Layer Integrations

We’re incredibly excited to introduce an entirely new category to our Mesh integrations: Customer Data Platforms. The first integration to become part of our platform is leading customer data service Clearbit.
Clearbit for Uniform makes it easy to combine Context’s intuitive personalization tools with deep customer information. That makes it easier than ever to deliver the most personalized content possible to end users, helping to drive conversion numbers.
After installation, users can easily leverage the Clearbit Reveal API to personalize content and combine the speed of Uniform personalization with deep customer knowledge, helping to drive their conversions. 
Watch how Tim Benniks from our team uses this integration to

CMS Integrations

We are delighted to introduce Hygraph and Squidex CMS integrations to the Uniform platform. 
Hygraph is a GraphQL-based CMS that creates powerful content APIs for customers. By combining it with Uniform, it’s now incredibly easy to personalize for users and deploy A/B testing with Hygraph content, as well as build within Canvas.
Squidex is an open-source CMS that’s also joining our platform. We love open-source projects here, and we’re delighted to add Squidex to the options our customers have to compose and orchestrate content. 
Umbraco Heartcore and Gather Content integrations now support configurable multi select and unification of content type configuration screens, leveraging our expanded Mesh SDK.
These integrations and improvements give users even more flexibility in managing their content through Uniform.

New CDN integrations

Our new integration with Vercel allows you to track, build, deploy, and check the status of your web application after composition publishing right from the Uniform dashboard. 
Our Netlify integration now supports Personal Access Token to enable and share this integration for the Uniform users who don’t have access to a Netlify account.

Uniform Context updates

Uniform Context CMS apps

The totally updated Uniform for Contentstack is now in private beta, so if you want to bring lightning-speed personalization to your digital experience and already love Contentstack, contact us today to start testing it out.
We’ve updated our integrations in Contentful, Sanity, and Konent.ai to take advantage of the latest features in Context, including simplified controls over targeting, integration with external data providers, and improved behavior tracking. 

Uniform Context improvements

We’ve added beta support for Akamai edge workers, allowing you to deliver personalized content and A/B tests faster than ever before by delivering them directly from the edge of Akamai’s CDN.
We’ve introduced Quick Connect mode, giving you the ability to use a composite project ID and API key to connect to your Uniform project with a single string value. Making it faster than ever to connect Uniform and improve your personalization.
Our Chrome extension got a set of bug fixes and improvements and the support for Quick Connect mode.
We’ve improved sorting in the component library to make it faster to find what you need while building digital experiences.
Canvas capability dependency on Context is now optional, which means you can utilize our no-code building tools before you configure any personalization settings.
A/B test definitions are now handled (serialization and deserialization) as a part of Uniform CLI pull/push commands. Allowing syncing of the A/B test configuration data across the projects/environments, which used to be a manual process.

Uniform Canvas updates

We’ve enhanced paging UX on the Compositions page and improved the UX for slug validations. 
Improved slug validation UX. These changes make Canvas nicer and easier to use every day. 

Ready to test it out?

If you want to try the future of composable orchestration, and while you’re at it test out the new features we’ve shown you here, you can sign up for a free Uniform account today. If you want to bring Uniform to your organization, then you can arrange an in-depth demo with our sales team.
If you want our future updates to talk about what you’ve made, then maybe you should look into joining the team? It’s fun here, we promise!