Insights from Gartner® on digital experience composition

Read the Gartner® Report Innovation Insight for Digital Experience Composition to learn why digital experience composition is an emerging market focused on digital multiexperience orchestration in an API-first “headless,” decoupled composable world. Application leaders looking to move to decoupled front ends should use this research to understand this developing market.

Digital experience composition embraces the best practices for building digital experiences. The primary benefit of a composable approach to digital experience is to provide speed and agility to adapt the digital experience as internal and external requirements change.

Our key takeaways

  1. Prioritize usability and utility for business users in a no-code user interface (UI), rather than solely considering composable digital experience on a technical or architectural basis.

  2. Consider that an API-first, composable approach still requires a lot of work but the products described in this research aim to package and productize those efforts.

  3. Leverage products that comprise front end as a service (FEaaS), a page builder, a template engine and an API integration layer to the underlying technologies. Digital experience composition is the packaging of low-code developer and no-code business user tooling for the creation, development and maintenance of digital experiences.

Gartner®, Innovation Insight for Digital Experience Composition, Innovation Insight for Digital Experience Composition, 28 July 2022

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The report covers:

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CRM strategy and customer experience optimization


Usability and utility for business users in a no-code user interface


API-first and composable approach for experience composition


FEaaS, "Page" builders, templating engines, and API integration planes to enhance digital experience