Uniform blog/The future is visual for omnichannel experience management | webinar recap
lars birkholm petersen
Lars Birkholm Petersen
Posted on Oct 13, 2023

3 min read

The future is visual for omnichannel experience management | webinar recap

In our recent webinar, Alex Shyba, co-founder and CTO of Uniform, and I discussed the launch of the Uniform Visual Workspace, an enterprise solution built for marketers. We covered how its revolutionary features—improved personalization, AI-assisted capabilities, centralized access to content, and more—give digital teams faster delivery times, less friction, and greater control over the experience creation process. 

Marketers need tools to create with ease, not complexity 

Crafting impactful marketing campaigns requires more than creativity and ingenuity. You need proper tools to quickly build, deliver, and scale omnichannel experiences that get customers to convert.  
The drive for site speed and performance has pushed brands toward leading tools that offer fast experiences across infinite mediums. However, developer-preferred (typically headless and composable) tools have also introduced greater complexity in the technology stack
Headless frees engineers to work with their front-end framework of choice. On the other hand, marketers are left to navigate complicated systems and numerous tabs in an environment where they have limited visibility and little control. 
Without visual tools to help them launch campaigns on their own, marketers depend on engineers for even minor site changes. For example, editing a hero image might require multiple IT support tickets, extensive integration code, and long wait times in the developer backlog. 

The visual workspace unites digital teams and technology

If marketers are stuck in developer backlog, and engineers are inundated with editing templates and web components, how can brands pave the way to faster delivery times, fewer technology limitations, and a tech stack that brings together their digital teams and processes? 
With the visual workspace, you can customize every touchpoint in the customer journey in a single, front-end experience cloud. By combining content and data from CMS, commerce, DAM, and other systems, marketers can build, preview, and publish lightning-fast experiences independently; and developers can devote time to innovations that add the most business value.
In a large enterprise, overlapping teams, multiple technologies, and complicated workflows drive critical business functions but also stifle creativity and time to market. The visual workspace eliminates these constraints by blending the best technology, content, and individual talents across the enterprise, regardless of where people sit or where data is stored in the organization.   

Fast-track experience creation with AI-powered content, personalization, and more 

In addition to accelerating your omnichannel experience, working in a single visual interface provides marketing-first functionality that’s vendor-agnostic and best-of-breed for digital teams:
  • Choose the AI services (OpenAI, Writer, Stable Diffusion, etc.) you want to use to instantly enhance web copy, tweak tone of voice, update images, and more in your visual workspace workflows. 
  • Personalize all aspects of your omnichannel content, from CTA buttons to landing pages, with just a few clicks and without disrupting the presentation or flow of your customer experience. 
  • Allow your CMS to manage your foundational content, including blogs, news, and company pages, while the visual workspace handles design decisions related to presentation, dynamic pages, and generative content. 
Ultimately, marketers are not hired to code, and developers shouldn’t be weighed down by IT support tickets. Rather, all digital teams—marketers and developers—should be able to use cutting-edge tools that help them excel at their jobs and execute fast experiences that boost online engagement and customer loyalty. 

Explore our marketer-first approach with the visual workspace 

Watch the full webinar recording for a closer look at Uniform’s Visual Workspace and how our visual tools can help you create, optimize, and publish amazing customer experiences on any channel, platform, or device.